Our story

As busy women on-the-go that always want to look effortlessly put-together, we realised that we were never able to find activewear that was cute, affordable, and more unique than plain black leggings. This realisation led to the launch of Be Fit USA, a South African brand of athletic and loungewear sourced from USA and Peru that strives to provide women with gym clothes that are simultaneously cool and effortless.
Our pieces are chosen by our fashion consultants, in order to ensure the finest fabrics and best fit, while maintaining affordable prices. With fresh styles every month, Be Fit USA’s activewear takes you from the gym to the couch, and everywhere in between.

Our mission

To us, being active is about more than just hitting the gym. It’s also about being active within our community and ensuring others have the ability to stay active, as well. Because of this, a percentage of our profits will be given to underprivileged children who can’t afford to participate in the sports and activities that inspired our clothes in the first place.

Be Fit USA a proud committed socially responsible company; always giving part of the profits to institution in different parts of the world from orphanages, to allowing kids to participate in outdoor activities, dance and sport.


Be Fit USA Happy Customers